Monday, July 13, 2009

The Reverse Glass Artistry of Larry White

I would consider Larry White to be one of the premiere glass signs artist of our time. Working out of a huge facility located at "The end of the line" South of San Francisco he has created a western wonderland of rustic buildings and classic glass signs.Truly a museum of wall jewelry.

"Thinking back, my art career began with my first set of crayons. I always enjoyed art and excelled in my artistic endeavors throughout my schooling. As a kid, I loved model building.

As a teen, I took up airbrushing and found I could make some pretty decent money refinishing old surfboards and airbrushing t-shirts. In my high school and college years I was heavy into mechanical and architectural drawing, technical illustration and graphics.

Out of college, I pursued a 20-year career as a technical illustrator. On the side, I dabbled in many different forms of artwork and discovered the art of reverse glass.

I began my study of reverse glass art in 1989. I attended a seminar conducted by the gold leaf master craftsman, Rick Glawson. I also studied many books and articles on the subject.

Rick Glawson hosted the California Conclave, an annual meeting of glass sign artists, where many ideas and discoveries were shared. I quickly became a regular attendee.

Of all the different artwork I have dabbled in, I have found reverse glass art to be the most intriguing and rewarding. I have since retired as a technical illustrator and now run an architectural glass etching business under the name Milestone Manufacturing."

Larry Whites work can be found at

All this information was stolen directly off Larry Whites web site.


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