Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ralph Lauren New York / Custom Mirrors

All designs by New York designer Dikayl Rimmasch.
Here are some photos of the on site work completed by Bob Gamache.

Over the last few month I have been busy working with New York Designer Dikayl Rimmasch Dunkley on a series of Hand made custom
advertising mirrors for two
new Ralph Lauren stores in New York city.
The photographs show the processes of making the mirror from start to finish.

Antique advertising mirrors created with a look of a mirrors you would have found in the early 1900's.

Mock up sample for the larger mirrors.
Two toned water gilded border with glue chipped and antique mirrored finish.
Some of the gold leaf lettering has been added.
The third and larger mirror with mirroring completed.

Once the acid embossing and glue chipping is complete the glass is then given an antique mirror finish.
This detail shows the glue having been poured into the exposed glass areas. As the glue dries it will begin to fracture and chip the glass to create a texture on the surface of the glass.
Glass panels are placed in the chipping booth to begin the 24 hour chipping process.

Mica flakes and acid applied to the exposed glass creating a textured finish to the glass.

Here the first two glass pieces are masked and ready for acid embossing.


  1. Awesome work, man! I'm a long time supporter of the RL brands (especially RRL) and being a visual artist, I not only appreciate these kind of pieces, but understand the unique process/art of creating them.

    Rock on,
    Koe Rodriguez

  2. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your custom glass designs!

  3. Those custom signs have such a deep rooted American History about them. I can totally visualize the old west in those signs. I am sure that is a valuable skill to have? The ability to paint like that on glass.


  4. I would love to get some custom glass. I have always wanted some in my house. I just don't know where to go to get it.

    Aaron Carter |

  5. The look of the glass writing looks vintage. I like it! Makes me feel like I'm in a small touristy town.

    Will Jenkins |

  6. I love the work of these mirrors. I really like the stencils on them. I like the antique look it gives off. Something like that would really fit the style of my house.

    Alena |

  7. Cool job you have done so far with mirrors. I love the design that you made on this post. As I have the mirror store ( in Texas I can say your ideas are really appriciatable.

  8. I have to say, that all looks really cool! My cousin's trying to start his own small business, and is looking to get a custom sign made to try and draw in customers. From what he explained, it sounded like he was actually trying to get something with the same kind of feel as the one in your pictures.
    Keara |

  9. Its really looking beautiful. I would also like to share a website they offer range of Mirrors, Framed Glass, Custom Mirrors etc.

  10. My husband and I own a small restaurant and it has an old cowboy theme to it. I really want to get a new glass sign that we can put up. I really like what you have in this post cause it would go really well with the rest of the theme.
    Mia |

  11. There are all kinds of custom signs that these people do. It is really amazing to see any and all signs that they have to offer. The custom work that these companies do is quiet something.

  12. I like how classy these custom mirror signs look. It seems like a mirror business sign can only work if it's not so obvious that it's a mirror. I think that you did a really good job with making this company's sign look really sophisticated. Keep up the good work.

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  15. The signs are awesome, they kind of have that older look to them. I've been trying to get a few different signs to stick around my building. It would be really cool to get something that looks a little more classy. Where were these signs made, I'd love to check the website out!

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